She began her career in the performing arts 20 years ago as a dancer and actress.

She founded the company, Circus Raus and began designing costumes for the shows she directed.

In an empirical and self-taught way, she started working as a costume designer for other directors and companies.

She has collaborated as costume designer in more than 100 shows. She works regularly with the National Theater Company, National Opera Company, National Dance Company and with some independent theater companies in Mexico.

She participated in the 11th, 12th and 13th Prague Quadrennial and in the PQ07 He received the Gold Medal for Best Theatrical Costumes together with the Designers of the National Pavilion of Mexico.

In 2017 she participate in the WSD in Taipei Taiwan.

In 2014, she received a grant from the National System of Art Creators of FONCA, that allowed her to explore for 3 years, various techniques to intervene and modify textiles.

"In recent years, my artistic language is derived from experimenting with materials, often taking up old techniques and applying them to current contexts.

The material itself has life and that is what I seek to maintain in my designs"