WSD 2017

Category | Costume Design
Theatre Company | Compañía Nacional de Teatro
Premiere | 2012-11-24

The visual reading in this piece of Brecht is made from the perspective of rural Mexico. 

The search focuses on the use of the mask in all the characters transforming their corporeality, creating a new proportion in the curves by exaggerating and accentuating their volume with the use of false bodies below the clothes, which reminds us of the comic carrying The Characters to ridicule. 

The texture of her pieces created with materials transformed by various techniques in a artisanal way, has become an essential exercise that unifies the style of her projects.

Author: Bertolt Brecht | Director: Luis de Tavira | Version in Spanish of ¨Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis¨ : Eduardo Weiss and Luis de Tavira |Set Designer and Lighting Designer: Phillipe Amand | Costume Designer: Jerildy Bosch | Masks: Jose Pineda | Corporal Dramaturgie : Citlali Huezo | Original music and songs : Rafael fuentes Orduña “ El gato” /Musical direction and arrangements: Alberto Rojas.

CNT Compañía Nacional de Teatro.